A Motorcycle Gun Rack For Motorcycle Mounted Law Enforcement Officers

A real world high security patrol rifle mounting solution for motorcycles

Traditionally moto units haven't carried patrol rifles.
For more and more departments that's no longer an option.

We examined the available motorcycle gun racks for AR-15 style rifles
and found they generally suffered from potentially disastrous flaws.

Generally they either allowed anyone access to the action,
or restricted the ability to deploy the firearm under precicely
the sort of conditions when it's needed most.

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We found the available solutions
either endangered bystanders
or endangered officers.

Broadly the two currently available classes of motorcycle gun racks for patrol rifles fall into two categories:

Saddlebag Mounts

Racks that go inside locking hard cases, usually the factory saddle bags are goods for bystander safety. However it requires a very small patrol rifle. Short barrel rifles and folding stocks pose certain issues (read more). Worse these racks require an officer to dismount, and open a locked box, with a key, before having access. This takes roughly 17 seconds… that's unacceptable.

Exterior Mounts

The exterior racks usually allow full size rifles. However of the available models we surveyed, all required the officer to dismount to access the firearm. They also generally leave the actions exposed, and thus pose a public safety, and vandalism risk.

In 2013 an officer in California with one such racks was conducting a safety presentation at an elementary school. Unfortunately a child was able reach the action, and discharge the firearm. Three students were injured, a media firestorm erupted, and the city faced legal action from the families.

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Bystander Safety is Priority One

As was mentioned in the last section, there was a high profile incident in 2013 where a child discharged an AR-15 mounted on a patrol bike, injuring himself and two other children.

The above accident was possible because the rack did not completely cover the action; thus eliminating the ability to disengage the safety, and pull the trigger.

This arrangement is unfortunately the way most vehicle gun racks are built. It's not as much of an issue if the rack is installed in a locking trunk. However keeping a patrol rifle in a locked hard bag poses it's own issues.

Safety for everyone

Our motorcycle gun racks fully enclose the trigger guard, the safety (selector), and the magazine release. This means that even if there is a round in the chamber the firearm cannot be discharged. The muzzle is also generally installed pointed down, rather than towards the officer or bystanders.

Unlike saddle bag storage this method does not impede an officers ability to deploy the weapon in an emergency. Ready access to the patrol rifle is a top priority and a key design consideration of our mount.

This also arrangement allows officers to store the magazine in the rifle without undue risk, eliminating a step to ready the weapon.

Because the charging handle is not impeded by the mechanism an officer can begin chambering a round as they remove the rifle from the rack. This further increases the already substantial reduction in time-to-readiness when using our racks. Which improves officer safety.

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The longest 17 seconds
of your life

Seventeen seconds is an eternity to access a rifle stored in a locked saddle bag on the back of a motorcycle.
Our rack allows access without dismounting, and reduces that to as little as six seconds.

Most motorcycles gun racks use keys to open the lockout. In unpowered models the officer must then open the the mechanism manually. Powered ones can instantly releases the rifle towards the officer, a huge improvement.

However, every powered model we surveyed required the vehicle to be on, or at least have power from the battery. If the vehicle is off, the battery dies, or if a bike is laid down and battery disconnect triggers, the rifle is trapped.

A better way

Our systems are available in traditional passive key operated configuration, and a powered key configurations with backup battery. We also offer a secure wireless access option with backup key, which means in an emergency there's no key to fumble with, and officers can  instantly retrieve the rifle.

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When lives are on the line
it's no time to cut corners.

Tamper & Theft Resistant

Covering the whole action and the muzzle greatly reduces opportunities for vandalism and theft. Through clever design and tamper resistant fasters we further reduce the risk of theft. Is it possible? Yes. In the realm of vehicles, protection and weight must be traded off. It's not practical to put a safe on a motorcycle. The easiest way is to steal the vehcile itself. However most attempts to forcibly remove the rifle from the rack will seriously damage the rifle and set off the alarm on the vehicle.

American Quality

Our 33,000 square foot plant is located in Prescott Arizona. We make all of our metal components there except for the fasteners, and the grip retainer which we purchase from a third party who makes them in XYZ. Like other electronics product, our transmitters and receivers are globally sourced.

Light Weight

Adding weight to just one side of a motorcycle does not improve handling. Therefor we had to design a product that was both very strong, and very light. For this we turned to an aircraft alloy for high strength and low weight. We then applied performance engineering techniques which allowed us to remove material which didn't provide required structural integrity. As a result the unit is incredibly rigid, without making the bike unpleasant to ride.

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Our racks consist of three main elements. 1) An adjustable chassis which holds the AR-15 and protects the muzzle and the action. 2) The lockout control module. There's passive key based, powered key based, and remote actuated models. 3) The vehicle mount specific to each make, model, and configuration of vehicle.

Compatible Rifles

In short, all typical AR-15 pattern rifles are compatible. The chassis is built to accept a wide range of barrel lengths, hand guard and accessory configurations, pistol grip styles, and stock combinations. The only AR-15s we know of that don't fit are models with thumb hole stocks, or other non-pistol grips.

Because the pistol grip is the main release point for securing the firearm the grip must be attached with an anti-tamper fastener. One standard anti-tamper ¼–28 × ¾ pistol grip screw is included with every rack. Additional screws can be included at your request.

Compatible Motorcycles, UTVs and other vehicles

One of the problems with other racks is that they try to be totally universal. This generally causes two problems, they're bulky, and they're hard to install. We instead have decided the solution is to mount the same chassis using custom brackets for each type of patrol bike or other vehicle. This allows a good fit, and ideal placement so as not to interfere with riding and to maintain an accessible placement with the barrel pointed in a safe direction. We can provide configurations for all popular police bikes made by Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Victory, Yamaha, and Zero.

We can also produce brackets for ATVs, UTVs, boats, Segways, three wheelers, and other non-traditional vehicles.

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Budget smart

With ever rising budgetary pressures more departments are turning to alternative vehicles like motorcycles (both traditional and electric) as well as UTVs and other forms of officer transportation. Now days, many forces operate a range of vehicles made by different manufacturers. We just don't see departments with a fleet of identical machines much anymore. However outfitting these alternative vehicles for police use can double their cost. Unlike traditional sedans and SUVs these alternative vehicles tend to be replaced more often as well, further exacerbating the expense of outfitting them.

This means reducing outfitting cost, and preventing resale destroying modifications leaves even more money in the budget. Our racks are designed to be mounted without damaging the vehicle at all. This means when the vehicle is sold it retains more value. The equipment can generally be safely reused.

Our racks can be moved from one vehicle to another of a completely different style by anyone familiar with basic hand tools. The chassis, lock, and electronics can all be transplanted, only the mounting bracket needs to be changed when switching from one vehicle type to another. Because moving the rack between vehicles is so easy, departments with seasonal vehicles can move the major components easily and leave just brackets on the off-season vehicles.

Because the chassis which holds the rifle is adjustable you can use it even if your department has a range of different ARs in use, or decides to replace the models used by your officers on alternative vehicles.

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Easy to install

Installation is very simple. This is one of the big advantages of using vehicle specific mounting brackets to hold a universal rack.

Each vehicle specific mounting solution is naturally going to be different depending on the vehicle application, and what accessories are already mounted in what positions. If an existing configuration we have developed isn't suitable, we will work with your department, or your vehicle outfitter to provide a mount that works for your vehicle configuration and officer needs.

Typically installation will take less than 20 minutes and will require only basic hand tools. However anti-tamper fasteners are used, if your department does not already have the required tools we can provide them.

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